Download Version 1.0 (2004-01-20) Binary Source


This program will let you send one for more files at a time to any of the Pocket PC emulators installed on your system. I originally used Alex Feinman’s EmuCpy which is command line based and only lets you send one file at a time. I was sending enough files to the emulator that it became apparent to write a frontend to quickly send files over the Pocket PC.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Unique number entry method to allow easy entry of numbers on Pocket PC’s
  • 600 puzzles split into different difficulties
  • Save your progress on any puzzle
  • Auto-save feature on close
  • 4 memo fields for each block
  • Undo your last move or mistake :)
  • Create your own puzzles with an included puzzle editor for Pocket PC
  • Randomly create puzzles of different difficulties
  • Support for puzzles created by
  • Option to automatically mark when you enter a bad number
  • Choose different color schemes




  • .NET 1.1