21 April 2007

So Rach and I left Montreal (yah!) at about 7am today. I think we made pretty good time. The GPS said we were stopped for about 30 minutes total and drove for about 13 hours or so. Tonight we are staying in Marquette, Michigan. We just ate one of the worst meals I’ve ever had (plus it cost $30USD). Tomorrow our goal is Winnipeg which is only ~1000km away.

So did anything exciting so far on our trip home? Well since we are driving through the states this time we had to go through customs. Our RAV4 is packed with stuff so we were hoping we wouldn’t get searched. We pull up to the customs desk and I pass the guy our passports. He goes through the usual drill of asking what I do for a living, where are we coming from, where are we are going. I respond. So far he seems friendly. Then he starts asking if we have any drugs, alchohol, tobacco (no,no,no) and then trouble starts to brew. He asks “Do you have any beef?”

I think for a few seconds and realize we bought some beef sandwich meat from costco which we were eating for lunches while we drive. I respond with “We have some sandwich meat.” Assuming this was answering his beef question.

“Is it beef?” he goes.

I respond quickly with “It would be beef.” Apparently this is where I went wrong.

“Don’t get smart with me! You are going to need to pull over up ahead for the 2 officers to search your vehicle. You don’t need to act like a smart ass.”

Frick. So that didn’t go well at all. I pull the RAV4 ahead and slow down by the officers. Rach rolls down her window just in time to catch something on their walkie talkie… “ya they have beef and the driver is a smart ass.” We stop the car and get out. They bring a dog over to the car and I start hoping they don’t unpack our entire car. The officer asks me some questions “Are there drugs? Alchohol? Tobacco?” I think to myself that I already answered these questions. Refraining from being a smart ass I respond no to each. Then he asks “Is there anything that may injure the dog?” Umm ya. If you start rummaging around something heavy might fall on it. I’m sure there are sharp things some place inside. Or how about if it licks something under the car that is really hot? I respond with no. Playing it safe. They send us inside to wait and dispose of our beef (I should have just ate it instead of letting them get rid of it).

The whole time we are inside I watch while they go through our car. Thankfully they didn’t take much of anything out of it. I think we were only held up for 10 minutes or so. Rach figures that’s what we get for being too honest. Tomorrow I have to go through customs again and Rach is worried about me being a smart ass. I’m hoping Canada will not cause us any problems.