21 March 2007

Rach and I went to Ottawa for the weekend to visit from friends and expose me to my first musical. Friday night we took it pretty easy and just sat in the hot tub. Chris/Tracy made us supper which was much more involved than any of our own. Apparently not everyone cooks at maximum heat all the time. It’s like when you put clothes in the dryer, maximum heat.

Saturday started off with Rach wanting to go check out parliament (pics). I saw my first set of protestors on the way in.


We checked out some big fancy library when we were there. They had all these security/safety measures in place to save all the books. It seemed like a good idea to just digitize all that stuff.


Rach and I had a few fights while we were touring. Something about me being awesome. She went from this:


To this:


Indeed. For the evening we went out for supper and then went over to the musical. The musical we went to was called ”Hairspray)”.  I can’t say I was that excited over going to it.  It turned out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I imagine Rach will want to go to many more so I better like them a little bit.

This next weekend I have a friend (Andrew) coming from Edmonton that will be in town for 4 weeks.  Both Sean and Shawn figure they will venture out here as well before I go back to Saskatoon.  Only 30 days left.