12 October 2006

Rach sent me a message today asking if I wanted to go out for supper on Saturday. Sure I was down with that. The catch, she wanted to goto this artsy restaurant called O.Noir.

Already the rage in Europe, Australia, L.A and New York, now O.NOIR - Canada’s first-ever restaurant that invites you to experience food, drink and conversation like never before – IN THE DARK!

That’s right. You get served by blind people in pitch black. Why would you put yourself through this? Maybe the food isn’t expensive? Hell no. The menu is online and with ~$40 for a meal (well really look at the plates, is that a meal?) I just don’t understand. As Chris said “they could totally put pubes in your meal and you would never know”. Indeed.

Anyways, there is no way I’m going to that restaurant. I’ll order a pizza and eat with my eyes closed if I want to live adventurous.