03 September 2006

Rach and I are back from our honeymoon. It was 10 days of glorious bliss with absolutely no fighting, especially when we were “lost” driving.

Day 1 We spent the first day driving all the way to Saint John (no s). We only made one stop at the Van Morrell Crossing.


This was one of the many pictures we used the timer on. People would offer to take the picture for us but we had a lot more fun setting a timer and running to get into the picture.


We eventually ended up in Saint John, NS where the truth of the honeymoon was revealed to me.


Day 2 We walked around downtown Saint John for awhile where Rach liked to pose as other statues or flirt with them. IMG_0751

And I was convinced as well.


We ended up in Tidnish, NS for the night at Rachel’s Aunt Shelly’s cabin. We had a short visit and they treated us to a big lobster supper. I learned how to prepare a lobster and how to eat it properly. Apparently there is a poisonous sack that you are not suppose to eat. I never knew that. The tail is still the best part of the lobster so we aren’t really missing out in SK.

Day 3 We were off to PEI for the day. First stop was at the Confederation Bridge (which is apparently the longest bridge at 13km). It was very windy when we were taking our pictures.


We stopped in the visitor info center when we got to the other side. They had some exhibits setup where I tried to spell dirty words. This was the best I could do.


Every highway we drove on had houses all along the side. It actually made it seem really crowded. Their traffic lights are messed up too. They have shapes as well as colors.


We went out to some dunes in the northern part of PEI where we walked around on some beaches. Apparently the sand is red.


After that we checked out Green Gables which was packed with tourists. This place was so commercialized. When we walked into the “haunted forest” there paths that go buy the golf course. Woooo, scary. We also stopped by the Provincial House where I got one of the most important pictures.


Day 4 Off to Cape Breton. We stopped to see a replica of the ship Hector.


On our drive to the Cape Breton highlands we saw some signs for some water falls so we decided to try and find some. We followed this gravel road which got worse and worse until we had to turn back.


I don’t think there were any falls. Probably some trick the locals play on tourists. Cape Breton was very scenic. We could pretty much stop wherever to get a nice picture. There were 3 waterfalls where we took timer pictures. I think each time we went into the “off limits” areas to get the pictures but they were totally worth it.

IMG_1123 IMG_1176 IMG_1215 IMG_1230 IMG_1265

Day 5-7 We stopped in Sydney to help Sean move all of his stuff to Halifax. The RAV4 was packed full again with no space to spare. Rachel finally let me have my lobster sub from Subway. Sean and Rach decided to try them as well. I figured I would be nice and pay for the subs thinking they would cost the same price as others but hell no. $20 for a lobster sub. In Halifax we stopped by the citadel where they defended Halifax from Jack Sparrow.


We stopped by a graveyard that had a bunch of Titanic victims burried in it. Nothing like a graveyard to spice up a honeymoon.


I’m not 100% sure but I guess the Titanic sunk but a giant killer bird.


The next day we went off to Peggy’s cove where we had a lot of fun with pictures. Sean came with us and was so overjoyed that he pissed his pants. Sure it may look like it was from the water bottle in his hands but it totally wasn’t.


Rachel told me we were fighting and gave me mean looks. What you can’t see is me crying behind the camera.


Peggy’s cove lighthouse was pissing me off so I decided to crush it. Don’t mess with me on my honeymoon.


After the crushing of the lighthouse we sat on some rocks in celebration.


Day 8 We left Halifax and headed for Kejimkujik national park. We took a hike with some 300 old year trees. Once again Rachel the law breaker convinced me to hug this old tree. I tried to convince her not to but she twisted my arm.


On the walk we saw a boob tree. Yes, that’s what I said.


Day 9 Our last day of site seeing was spent in the seaside adjunct of Kejimkujik. We did a ~8km hike through some bog and along the beach. Rachel was convinced she heard and smelled bears and more importantly saw bear poop.


On the walk I got this awesome picture of a spider.


End of the honeymoon The last day we drove to a ferry in Varmouth where I got sea sick. The ferry ride was only 3 hours but you end up waiting at least 1 hour on each side for customs checking the car and asking questions. I think it might have been quicker to swim.

So now we are back in Montreal in our barren apartment. We have the next few days to buy some furniture, bed, kitchen table and any other necessities. After 3 weeks on the road I look forward to staying inside for a long time.