03 June 2005

For work I had to create a lot of test email accounts. I had used bloglines to create temporary email accounts but I had to create the account before I used it. My main goal was to find a service that I didn’t have to create the email accounts in advance and had no ads. I ended up using spamgourmet but here are the rest of my findings.

  • http://pookmail.com/mailbox.php

    • RSS to monitor an account
    • no ads
    • doesn’t like graphics in emails
  • http://www.spamhole.com/

    • creates a temporary forwarding email account
    • you have to create the account before using it
    • you can provide a password to the account so you don’t need to verify each time
  • http://www.mytrashmail.com/

    • graphical emails work properly
    • lots of annoying ads
    • you have the option to forward emails or not to another account
    • RSS to monitor account
  • http://www.mailinator.com/

    • no ads
    • graphics, scripts are striped from the emails
  • http://www.spamgourmet.com/

    • forwards to an existing email address
    • you can pick new throw-away email addresses at will after your account has been verified
    • a lot of different filter options available
    • you can specify how many emails to receive to a specific email address (most of the other ones offer a feature of a time expiry)
  • http://www.dodgeit.com/

    • RSS
    • No ads
    • no setup

If I didn’t need graphics to work in the email I think pookmail or mailinator are the best services. If you don’t mind the ads then mytrashmail is great since it lets you see the graphical emails.