Download Version 1.3.2 (2005-09-04)


Bunnydoku is a Pocket PC remake of the popular Japanese puzzle game called Sudoku (also referred to as Number Place). Bunnydoku has a unique interface for playing Sudoku’s on Pocket PC with the use of pie menus. Bunnydoku uses an open source puzzle format allowing anyone to create their own puzzles or to enter puzzles from a magazine or website. Bunnydoku contains 300 puzzles that range in difficulty from very easy for first timers to very hard for advanced players. If you haven’t played any Sudoku’s before be sure to read the included help file or check online for a tutorial.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Unique number entry method to allow easy entry of numbers on Pocket PC’s
  • 600 puzzles split into different difficulties
  • Save your progress on any puzzle
  • Auto-save feature on close
  • 4 memo fields for each block
  • Undo your last move or mistake :)
  • Create your own puzzles with an included puzzle editor for Pocket PC
  • Randomly create puzzles of different difficulties
  • Support for puzzles created by
  • Option to automatically mark when you enter a bad number
  • Choose different color schemes


Easy Puzzle Random screenshot


  • Pocket PC 2002 or greater,
  • .NET Compact Framework
  • 500K storage

Puzzle Creation

Bunnydoku currently ships with 200 different puzzles for you to solve but what are you going to do when you have solved all of those? Well, you have two choices. You can make your own to solve or download someone else’s puzzles they’ve created.

Create your own

Now you’re probably wondering how do I create my own? There are two ways to create your own. You can create your own using a windows PC and any text editor. All you need is any kind of text editor such as NotePad (or Word on the Pocket PC). We recommend using a text editor like Text Pad on Windows. The file format is very simple. Below are the steps you should follow in creating a puzzle on a Windows PC:

  • Head over to Puzzle Japan and follow their tutorial for creating a puzzle. This will be the hardest part. If you already have a puzzle created then you can skip this step.
  • So now that you have your puzzle you need to type it into the text editor. Here is a sample of how it should look:

This would create the following puzzle:

user puzzle

  • Now that you are done the puzzle all you need to do is save it. Save the puzzle with the file extension “.bdp” (Bunnydoku Puzzle).
  • Now copy the puzzle to your Pocket PC into the puzzles directory where you installed Bunnydoku. You can also copy the puzzle to your “My Documents” folder and access it via the “Browse” button in the puzzle selection screen.

The other way of creating puzzles is probably much easier and can be done on your Pocket PC at any time. The Bunnydoku puzzle creator is only included with the Full Version of Bunnydoku. To create a puzzle on the Pocket PC simply tap File and then Create your own puzzle. A completely empty board will be displayed. Simply fill in the numbers for the puzzle you want to create. You can head over to Puzzle Japan to learn the process of creating your own puzzles. You could enter puzzles from magazines or puzzles that friends have created quickly. Once you are done entering in the puzzle tap File and then Save Puzzle. A new window will be displayed for you to enter the name of the puzzle. Enter the name and tap OK. The new puzzle (if valid) will automatically be loaded for you to play and saved in the Puzzles/Personal directory for you to load at a later date or to send to friends. Lets create an example puzzle. Goto the Create your puzzle screen and fill in the following puzzle:

user puzzle

Now tap File and then Save Puzzle and type in “ex1” for the puzzle name and tap OK. That’s it. The new puzzle should be displayed

user puzzle